Weekly Health Quiz: Coconut Oil, Coronavirus and Exercise Goals


Which statement about coconut oil is not true?

A tablespoon of coconut oil contains more calories than a tablespoon of butter

Coconut oil is primarily an unsaturated fat, similar to the fats in avocado

Coconut oil raises blood levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol

Coconut oil raises levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol

People who walked about 5,000 steps a day were most likely to stick with a ramped-up exercise routine when they set an exercise target of about:

This state became the fifth to surpass a million coronavirus cases, after California, Texas, Florida and New York:

Total Covid-related deaths have been highest in this state, with more than 38,000:

A difference in blood pressure readings taken from the right and left arms may signal an increased risk of:

Women who have used oral contraceptives may be at lower risk of this form of cancer:

Ovarian or endometrial cancer

Julius Schachter, a microbiologist, died in December from Covid-19. He is perhaps best known for his reserach into this eye disease caused by the Chlamydia bacterium:

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